Our Founder - Shareholder

Novus Audit and SMMM Ltd. Sti.


She was born in 1967 in Çorlu, married and has one child.

After finishing Istanbul University School of Business Administration in1986, she completed English International Finance Program of Istanbul University Business Economics Institute.

She received German language education  at Goethe Institut Göttingen.

She continued her business life started as cost accountant expert in1987 at Hema Endüstri A.Ş. and as commercial accountancy officer at Marubeni Corporation affiliated to Japan Sumitomo Group.  

In year 1991 she worked as financing officer, accountant manager and financial affairs managers in turn at   Volkswagen Elektrik Sistemleri A.Ş which is the Turkey establishment of Volkswagen Bordnetze GmbH.

She received Certified Public Accountant Certificate in year 1999.

She has been financial affairs manager at SE Otomotiv A.Ş, which is the production center of Sumitomo Bordnetze Group in Turkey in year 2005.

She has joined various numbers of training, seminaries, workshops during her professional life over twenty years.

She has taken place various projects about company establishment, cost analysis, accounting systems establishment, risk assessments, insurance transactions and commercial data- process systems in the country and at abroad.

She continues her business life at NOVUS Audit and Certified  Public Accountant Ltd  she is founder of which as of 2011 March.

Main Business Targets;

  • Establishment and management of budget, planning and cost control system,
  • Determination of financial resource needs and tracking of fund flows,
  • Analysis and management of business processes,
  • Import, export and foreign trade applications,
  • Resource planning and restructuring processes,
  • Fulfillment of all legal responsibilities required by the institutional structures,
  • Project management and team work,
  • Keeping of accounting records in accordance with uniform chart of accounts
  • System analysis in commercial data-process applications,
  • Preparation of foreign financial reports in compliance with the International Accounting Standards,

sharing the unique experiences and deep knowledge acquired in her subjects with her clients and being solution partners in these issues.

She has perfect level of English language and good level of German.